About King's Pest Control

Why should you choose King's Pest Control?

We use top of the line products to eliminate your pests safely and effectively.

We'll treat you like family!

King's Pest Control has the most affordable prices starting with an initial fee as low as $99 and monthly services starting at $35. This includes all general pest like spiders, bees, crickets, fleas, mice, and even the dreadful roach.

Have a bed bug problem?? We will give you a free inspection and guarantee to beat any previous proposals.

King's Pest Control is also licensed in wood destroying insects like powder post beetles and termites. Once again we guarantee affordable prices with quality products. Have you had someone else to offer a proposal? We guarantee to beat it.

Fun Facts:

Did you know that roaches carry a strand of bacteria that enables asthma especially in children, and one roach generally live 100 to 200 days.

Ever heard of the bubonic plague? Did you know that fleas were the culprit!


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